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About Us

Performing CPRRestoration Health Institute is a training center dedicated for those who aspire to have a successful career in nursing and medication aide. We have a state-of-the-art training facility located in Worcester, Massachusetts, which has made learning practical skills in nursing and medicating more effective especially for those who are new in the health industry.

We have a great team of master teachers who are meticulously picked to provide our students with all the knowledge and skills that they ought to have to be bankable in their field. We also have an equally supportive team of medical staff who serve as the backbone of our fruitful operation since the day we opened the institute.

It is our mission to produce topnotch graduates who will not only pass their examinations but will be compassionate and passionate individuals who will afford dignity to each patient that will come their way. If you want to enroll with us, kindly go to our enrollment page to get started.