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As the health industry continues to be bullish in its expansion and talent demand, there follows an increased need for more health workers like NAT’s to answer the call of quality and trustworthy health services for our aging seniors, recovering patients, and disease-stricken loved ones. Assisted living facilities, hospitals, and even homes are in constant look-out for aides who are not only reliable in personality traits but also seasoned in terms of practical nursing and medication skills.

Restoration Health Institute aims to provide such nursing and medication proficiency through our excellent training programs here in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is our desire to give each of our students the chance to reach greater heights in their chosen careers in the health industry by providing them with a competitive advantage of being trained in an environment which in itself fosters:

  • excellence in providing appropriate care in utmost diligence;
  • compassion to feel for the needs of patients;
  • passion to serve wholeheartedly; and giving
  • dignity to the life of others.

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Advantages Why you should train with us

  • We provide the most updated and agency-regulated curricula for NAT training.
  • We have professional teachers and state-of-the-art training facilities to facilitate easier and better learning.
  • We can guarantee your success with our high exam passing percentage, made possible by our effective NAT Exam Prep Refresher courses.
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Courses We Offer

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To engage in training individuals to become healthcare providers that provide quality and exceptional care with compassion, dignity and passion to enhance the lives of their Patients and or Residents and their families.

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